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How to Take Care of Your Diamond Jewelry

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How to Take Care of Your Diamond Jewelry

November 1, 2017

Diamond is one of the most precious stones in the world. Many of the ordinary people even hard to own one in their whole life. Therefore, many of us buy diamond jewelry for special occasions, like the engagement rings, wedding bands for your special moment.

We all know the diamond is the hardest in the world. However, it is not exactly hard like we think. It also can be scratched or damaged by other hard objects or special chemicals. So, what shall we do? Take care of our diamonds in our daily life is very necessary to proect your diamond jewelry for a whole life wearing.

Here’re some simple steps that you can do at home to clean and care your diamond jewelry.

Step 1: Keep your diamond jewelry in good condition

Take-Care-of-Diamond-Jewelry-Step-11. Don’t touch your diamond jewelry frequently.

If you want to keep your diamond always sparkles, then don’t touch it frequently. When you tough the stone, you may pass finger oil to the diamond. After a long time, the diamond will look dull.

2. Remove your diamond jewelry, especially your diamond rings from working with water or chemicals.

If you are wearing a diamond ring, but want to wash your hands, better remove your diamond ring first. The water and chemicals although may make your bathtub looks cleaner, they are not good to your diamond rings. If you want to wear the ring, better put on rubber gloves to protect your diamond ring.


3. Take your diamond jewelry off when doing hard work to avoid the possible damage to your diamond rings.

Your diamond rings might be scratched during the hard work or contact sports. Sometimes even knock out the diamond from the jewelry settings. During the contact sports, you may also hurt some one else as the diamond is too hard.

4. Take off your diamond jewelry before swimming.

The chlorine isn’t particularly good for diamonds.You may also lose the diamond in the swimming pool. For example, your diamond ring may slip off, or your diamond earring could pop out of your ear. These diamond jewelries are always small in size, once they are lost, you can not find it any more.


5. Don’t hurry to put your diamond jewelry on after makeup.

Remember to put your jewelry on last. This is not just to diamond jewelry, but also to the silver jewelry, gold jewelry and stainless steel jewelry. The makeup, fragrances, hairspray, and even the lotions around your diamond jewelry can damage it.

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